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Sphynx Cats and Kittens At Reasonable Prices

"Proud Sphynx Cat & Sphynx Kitten Breeders For Over 17 Years "


SORRY...  But At This Time We DO NOT Have Any SPHYNX Kittens Available & Are Not

Expecting Any New Litters Anytime Soon...  Please Check Back Occasionally For Updates



We Are Located in BOTH Michigan & Arkansas... 

(ATTENTION:  Due to health issues and other obligations...  As Of May 2011:

We will not be breeding or selling kittens from our Arkansas cattery until further notice...    HOWEVER, As Always... 

We will continue to serve you from our Sphynx Cattery in Michigan)


Your "Friendly Sphynx Cat & Kitten Breeder...

     And Home Of The Sweetest & Neatest



*  Where REASONABLE Prices RULE...

*  Where The Health, Welfare & Happiness Of Our Sphynx Cats & Kittens Is Our #1 PRIORITY...

*  Where YOU, Your Opinions, Questions & Viewpoint Are Most VALUED & IMPORTANT To Us...


Contact us:


Gene Spidell - 1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan, 49073

Email:  WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com 



ALL the kittens we had available have been taken...


Continue checking back occasionally so you don't miss out on your opportunity to share your home and your life with one or more of these incredible little babies...!!!


You can see some great pictures and discriptions of some of our past kittens,

by simply CLICKING HERE  


I would also encourage you to explore "ALL" the pages on our site... 

They are loaded with important information you should have before making a final decision...



Here I am again as a 3 week old Blue Sphynx Kitten...

All "currently" pictured Sphynx cats or kittens on our site are now living comfortable

and happy lives with their new life-long loving families ;-)



Now The Best Is Yet To Come...  



 C’mon in…!!!


*  Relax and enjoy as you check out the rest of our site… 

*  You’re gonna love  "checking out ALL the neat pictures..."

* And get to know more about us, our cattery and our Intriguing

"Naked Little Sphynx Babies"


Take your time...  Use the menu buttons at the upper left of each page and explore and enjoy our site fully...


** You're About To  Meet And Be Entertained By The Most  Incredible And


** The Awesome "BARE... BALD... HAIRLESS... NAKED" Sphynx Kittens and Cats... **

** One Of The "MOST DESIRABLE & SOUGHT-AFTER"Family Pets In The Entire World... **

** Prepare To Lose Your Heart To One Of "THE WORLD'S MOST UNIQUE & RARE" Domestic Cats **




If You've Ever Entertained The Thought Of Having A Rare Sphynx Kitten In Your World...

Or As The Perfect Gift For A Special Person In Your Life... 

You Are Now At The Perfect Place To Make Your Dream Come True...



  You'll Look Long And Hard To Ever Find Any Breeders With Our Experience And Integrity That Will Match The Special Prices We Offer To Qualified Purchasers Of Our

"Naked Little Sphynx Babies"...!!!


To Check out those Special prices, and/or to read detailed descriptions and view some neat pictures of some of our previous Sphynx Kittens ...  Simply click HERE



·          All Intrigue Sphynx cats and Sphynx kittens are  registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).

·          This Intrigue Sphynx Cat—Kitten Site is a work in progress...  We’ll constantly be adding new pictures, content, news and tidbits about our remarkable “Naked Little Babies”

·          Intrigue Sphynx Cattery's locations are in the southern part of lower Michigan (25 miles north of Battle Creek, Mi.)... And also in Central Arkansas (30 miles north of Little Rock, Ar.)


Our hope is that our site is not only informational and helpful, but also entertaining and enjoyable to you... 

 Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or
request any more info you may need at any time...!!!

We Thank You and Appreciate You Stopping By Our Sphynx Home On The Web...



Since some folks arrive at this site on this page and others arrive via our "Kittens Available " page, 

I've posted some of the same above information on both pages... 

If you read it on one page simply scroll past it on the other...



Contact us:


Gene Spidell - 1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan, 49073

Email:  WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com 


 "Proud Sphynx Cat & Sphynx Kitten Breeders For More Then 17 Years" 





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