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Sphynx Cats and Kittens From Your FRIENDLY Sphynx Breeder


Proud Sphynx Breeders For Over 17 Years



Our Sphynx Kittens Now Availible in Both


Michigan and Arkansas


(ATTENTION:  Due to health issues and other obligations...  As Of May 2011:

We will not be breeding or selling kittens from our Arkansas cattery until further notice...

HOWEVER, As Always...

We will continue to serve you from our Sphynx Cattery in Michigan)



Gene Spidell

1100 Woodland Road   -   Nashville, Michigan   49073



Email:   WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com 





"Intrigue Sphynx Cattery’s Chief Cook & Bottle Washer"

 Hi There,

 Thank You for stopping by… We will do our best to make your visit with us as pleasant as we possibly can.  

 So sit back for a few minutes, relax and enjoy your cyber journey into the land of Intrigue Cattery’s Sphynx Cats and Sphynx Kittens…

 Intrigue Sphynx Cattery is located in a rural area in southern lower Michigan...  We take great pride in the quality of kittens we produce,

and in the the pains we take to be assured that each and every one of our kitten is properly placed.

We make great effort to be absolutely certain that BOTH the future adopters and these unique bundles of Purrr will be satisfied for life.



 We’ve been Sphynx Breeders for well over 17 years now…

Over those years we’ve had many many very satisfied folks adopt one or more of our Sphynx kittens…  (If you’d like some references we’d sure be more than happy to provide them to you).

We started breeding these hairless cats because we have always had pets in our home, and my husband, Gene, thought raising a rare and unique cat like the Sphynx breed would be an interesting hobby that might put a few extra dollars in our annual vacation fund.

Welllll…  Because of the huge expenses involved in a cattery (especially a Sphynx cattery it seems), the vacation fund idea didn’t work out too well.

However, we both fell madly in love with our “Naked Little Sphynx Babies", and now I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have them in my life. 

We can testify that there are very few things in this world that are as pleasant as having one of these lovely creatures curl up in your arms.

It is now our mission to educate, inform and expose as many people as we can to this outstanding breed, and to give others the opportunity to share their life and their home with one of natures most unique and exceptional little beings.




Having a Sphynx cat or kitten sharing your home will have you wondering if you’ve got a cat, a monkey or maybe even a tiny human being in disguise… 

They’re one of the Most Unique and Beautiful little beings in the entire animal world, and their intelligence is absolutly astounding!  

You, your friends, neighbors and relatives will be awed by the exotic look and fascinated by the antics of your new baby! 

You’ll get stares, smiles and questions like: 

“What happened to it’s fur”…?   “Is it really a cat”…?  “Can I touch it”…?

Followed by comments like:

“Wow, it’s so warm”…  “It feels just like a baby’s bottom”…  “Ohhh, WOW... Where can I get one”…!



Intrigue Sphynx Cattery is a small cattery, and all of our kittens are raised underfoot… ;-)

Meaning they are exposed to playful children…  Dogs (poodles)…  Loud music…

Other cats and kittens…  TV news, sports and cartoons…  Laughter…  Several weird sounds

and various family emergencies…  ;-)

In other words…  They are “Ready For Almost Anything”!!!!!


Highlights in our Sphynx world have included:


* Having an article written about us in one of the national cat magazines.


* Placing kittens with famous celebrities.


* Being approached by the producers of the third "Austin Powers" movie to   

   provide a Sphynx for that film. 

(However, we didn't have one the proper age and color at that time)…  Geesh...!!!  ;-(




Here is Carylen with one of the babies that has fallen asleep in her arms...

Isn't that just one of the cutest pictures you've ever seen...!!!


This little girl has now been spoken for by a super family who will give her

a "life-long loving home"...!!!



 Sphynx are extremely loving (sometimes putting their little paws around your neck attempting to nuzzle and kiss you), and are easily spoiled (but isn't that why we all have our kittens anyway).

 They are warm adorable little companions who are able to quickly adapt to most any household situation, such as kids, dogs, other cats, etc.

 You simply won’t be able to resist the magic of their enchanting personalities and will find yourself fawning over your kitten…  He or she will rapidly become a much loved and extremely cherished part of your life and your family.

 Most folks keep in contact with us after adopting one (or more) from us… And we love getting the cards, letters and pictures from them.

We've received pictures of these amazing cats dressed up in everything from fur coats, sailor suits, Halloween costumes and bridal gowns with all the jewelry…  It’s incredible!

 We received a letter from a family who had purchased one of our Sphynx kittens letting us know they had also bought a ferret as a pet. 

 Well, the Sphynx kitten (about 7 months of age) had quickly become best friends with the ferret... Sleeping together, playing hide & seek, picking it up in his mouth and carrying it all around the house. 

 Imagine the great times the family has with this relationship!



We like to believe we raise the most well adjusted, socialized and absolutely friendliest “Naked Little Babies” in the world!

 And we like to believe it is because we are the “FRIENDLIEST” Sphynx Breeders that you will find!

 We welcome you to  Email us anytime about anything at:  WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com  

We can arrange for you to come visit us where you can see and interact with our babies up close and personal...!!!

 You can rest assured that you will be treated with respect, courtesy and kindness…!!!

 We will do our best to answer any questions you may have, and we believe there is no such thing as a poor question  So feel free to ask away!




 Although Sphynx are hairless they will not require the same grooming as their furred cousins, however, they do have a few that are unique to the Sphynx breed...  These involve skin, ear and eye care.

All cats secrete oils that keep their coats healthy... The Sphynx is no different, except they have no coat to absorb these oils. 

Therefore, most sphynx kittens and cats will require a bathing schedule to keep these oils from building up to the point it may cause stains when held against light colored clothing or bedding.



Generally weekly, but we have found this schedule o be different for different cats... We've even had a few that only required a bath every month or two.  We use a hypoallergenic baby shampoo to bathe them.  Bath time will take about 10 minutes.

During the bath check their nail sheaths... They can get a dark build up that can be rubbed off with a wet washcloth. Baby oil can also be used to help in the removal of this build up.



Since they have no guard hairs in their ears, wax may build up over time. You simply use a Q-tip to clean their ears. Usually about once each week and it should be done with an ear cleaner, preferably antimicrobial.  This is quite easy and will probably take less than five minutes



Because they lack eyelashes to protect their eyes from dust (litter dust) and other irritants, their eyes should be wiped at least once daily (more if needed). This takes just a few seconds.


Like any cat or pet keep their bedding clean, their nails clipped and have them Vet checked regularly (be sure to keep their teeth clean and healthy).


They’re beginning to sound more & more like kids aren’t they ?   ;-)

You now have awesome happy, healthy, clean little friend that feels just like a babies bottom. (A little warmer though, because they have a higher metabolism than their furred cousins - This is natures way of making up for the lack of a coat.)



By the way…  Don’t let anyone tell you that Sphynx cats are hypoallergenic 

 Most of us believe that when people experience allergy symptoms when around cats it is because of the cats fur…   BUT…  

 The true cause of most of those allergy symptoms is because the person is allergic to the proteins in the saliva that comes from the cat/kitten grooming itself.

 Sphynx cats and kittens, like all other cats and kittens, groom themselves in the same manner.  Therefore, a person with allgeries to furred cats can have symptoms when exposed to a Sphynx cat or kitten.

 That is the scientific explanation.


 A little Good News:

 We've invited mamy many folks who were  allergic to furred cats visit our cattery and intercat with the kittens to see if they were affected…  Most everyone of them was able to tolerate their visit and the handling of our “Naked Little Babies”

 From that experience many have gone on to purchase a Sphynx kitten to share their homes and lives…  And have lived happily ever after  ;-)




Sphynx kittens from reliable, experienced, responsible breeders around the world are priced from around $800 to $1,500 for most pets (pets means they are altered >spayed or neutered< before they go to their new home)…  Breeder (unaltered) Sphynx are priced even higher...

 These prices are based on several things, including whether you are looking for a pet or a breeder (altered or whole), whether you want show quality or not, the pedigree, etc.

 At Intrigue Cattery our prices generally run somewhere in the middle, and we are willing to work with you...   Our usual procedure is to require a deposit of half of the cost up front with the other half being due when the kitten/cat is ready to come to your home

 We care deeply about where and how our babies spend the rest of their lives… 

 Therefore we work with you not only before  you take your little baby home, but we are also there for any and all support or advice required after you are adopted by one of our kittens.

 We love being kept updated on all our little tykes and their new families...  And have made many fantastic new friends over the years communicating back and forth about kittens, cats and life in general.



 All of our kittens come with a Health Guarantee, and are sold with a Written Contract that not only protects you and Intrigue cattery, but most importantly the kitten!

 Under No circumstances will we allow a kitten leave for their new home before the age of 12 to 16 weeks of age... This gives the kitten the opportunity to be properly weaned, have its shots, strengthen its immune system, become socialized, etc.



 Well, I hope I’ve been able to help you in some way, but that's really about all I can tell you in this medium… If you are still interested in one of our "naked little babies" please feel free to email us at:   

Gene Spidell

1100 Woodland Road   -   Nashville, Michigan   49073



Email:   WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com 


 We can chat about what you are looking for and how we might be able to help you. It's always a pleasure to talk to any other cat lovers out there; so we hope to hear from you!



 I almost forgot… 

For several very personal reasons we don’t participate in showing our Sphynx cats at the cat shows.  This makes us somewhat of an anomaly in the Cat World where breeders are expected to show their cats.

 The theory being that only through showing your cats can you be on top of what is being done to improve the breed and keep up with the latest trends.

 Don’t get me wrong, we’re not against showing cats in cat shows.  As a matter of fact many Sphynx cats who were born here in our cattery from mothers and fathers that were also born and raised here, have been shown by their adopters and several have become Champions, Grand Champions, etc.

 We are most PROUD of the fact that one of our kittens went on to become the First Sphynx female to receive the “DMA” (“Distinguished Merit Award”).  The Highest Award a cat can receive in the CFA  This is AWESOME…!!!

We are also immensely proud of her current owner and fellow breeder for all her time and efforts that went into achieving this prestigious level...!!!




I hope you will continue to explore this site  We’ve got a lot more information out here…  Including the History of the Sphynx breed… Pictures of many of our Sphynx kittens and cats… And a great page that covers the Dangers and Hazards your new cat or kitten can face daily right in and around your home...  You'd be surprised at what can cause illness, harm and even death...  I implore you to read it...  Click HERE  to jump over there right now...

 And please don’t forget to get in touch with us if you have any questions, need more info or just want to talk Sphynx...


Be Happy,

Carylen Spidell & Kittens,

Intrigue Cattery's Mom & Chief Bottle Washer

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Have You Hugged Your Pets Today…

Intrigue Sphynx Cattery


1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan  49073  


Email:  WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com

Gene Spidell  

Proud Sphynx Breeders For Over 17 Years




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