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Sphynx Kittens Available - Where Reasonable Prices RULE - FRIENDLY Breeder

Proud Sphynx Cat And Sphynx Kitten Breeders For Over 17 Years



SORRY...  But At This Time All The Kittens We Had Available Have Been Taken...   We Do Not

Expect Any New Litters Anytime Soon...  Please Continue Checking Back Occasionally For Updates



Home Of The Sweetest & Neatest NAKED LITTLE SPHYNX BABIES" In The Universe...


**  Where The Health, Welfare & Happiness Of Our Sphynx Cats & Kittens Continues To Be  Our #1 PRIORITY...

**  Where YOU Can Be Assured You Will Always Be Treated With RESPECT, KINDNESS & COURTESY...

**  Where REASONABLE Prices RULE...


Contact Us:

Gene Spidell

1100 Woodland Road   -   Nashville, Michigan   49073

Email:  WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com  





"Do Not miss these "Great Prices" Further down this page"




Intrigue's Sphynx Cats and Kittens Have Been Born And Raised In

Our Catteries In Both Michigan & Arkansas...


Due to health issues and other obligations as of May 2011 we will no longer be breeding,

raising or selling kittens in our Arkansas location until further notice...

HOWEVER, As Always...

We will continue to serve you from our Sphynx Cattery in Michigan...



As of May 2011 ALL the kittens we had available have been taken...

And are now living comfortable and happy lives with their new life-long loving families ;-)




See for yourself the type of babies we have at our Sphynx Cattery...

Just take a few minutes checking out the neat Pictures of earlier Sphynx litters...

You'll find them scattered throughout this page as you continue scrolling to the bottom..."


This picture is of a 3 week old Blue Sphynx Kitten...


The two pictures above are of sisters

They were born on September 20th, 2010...

They are completely Blue in color...!!!

They are so identical I could never tell them apart...
Both are extremly pretty kittens...  Both very bald...  Both the same size...
Both completely blue... Run and play the same...
Both have the same outstanding personality...
Both love being held and cuddled...
Friendly and, of course, inquisitive little characters... 
They even come when I call them... 
One of them even liked to climb up and take naps under my shirt...
These two beauties are now living pampered
lives with their new families...!!!




The two pictures above are of a "male" kitten...

He is a brother of the two little girls above.

He's was quite the little fella, and would have you eating outa his hand/paw in no time at all...

He's one friendly and playful little guy...  And is blessed with energy to burn...

He's also a cuddler and it wouldn't take him long to steal your heart and soul...

  He'll grace your life as the "little buddy" to everyone in the house...

I expect he will grow up to be KING of his/your castle... ;-)

This little man is now in his new home and is busy Training his new

family how they are to treat their new King...  ;-)



(I highly encourage you to read the rest of this page... 

It's full of important information you'll need and that will answer most of your questions... 

It also contains a lot more fantastic pictures of past kittens)



If You Have EVER Entertained The Thought Of Having

A Rare Sphynx Cat or Sphynx Kitten In Your World... 


Or As The PERFECT GIFT For A Special Person In Your Life...


You Are At The Right Place...!!!



Effect Can Finally Make YOUR Dream Come  True...!!!



 You'll Look Long And Hard To Ever Find Any Breeders With

Our Experience And Integrity That Will Match The Prices We

Are Offering To Qualified Purchasers Of Our "Naked Little Sphynx Babies"...!!!




* We Normally Charge $800.00  For Each Kitten We Place As A "PET" (neutered/spayed)...

* And We Normally Charge $1,500.00 For Each Kitten We Place "Whole" (not neutered/spayed)...



* For A Short Time Our Special Pricing For Each Kitten Placed As A "Pet" Will Be Only $695... 

(Saving You $105.00 Off Our Normal $800.00 Price For Pets)



* You Can Now Have "TWO" Of These Incredible "Pet" Sphynx Kittens In Your Home For: ONLY $1,190.00..!!!   (That's An Average Cost Of Only $595.00 Each...)  

(Saving You A Huge $410.00 Off Our Normal $1,600.00 Cost For A Pair Of These Unique Little Beings)



BREEDER KITTENS (Not Neutered/Spayed):

* For A Time They Can Be Yours For Only $995 Each...!!!




*  Our procedure is to require a deposit of one half of the cost up front with the other

half being due when the Sphynx kitten/cat is ready to come to your home...



*  We Prefer PayPal, but will accept cash, cashiers checks or money orders for your deposit. 

(You can use your credit card at PayPal





Because of the high demand for these unique & rare wonders, and because of our "New Special Prices", we strongly encourage you to let us know as soon as possible that you have a serious desire to have one or more of our "Naked Little Babies" sharing your home, your heart and your life, by emailing us at:






 **  A beautiful Sphynx kitten that comes to You with a “Health Guarantee” within a 28 item “Written Contract

that not only protects You and Intrigue Sphynx Cattery, but most importantly the Kitten!


 **   Your baby will arrive at Your home wormed and current on their vaccinations...


**   You'll be given a "Health Records Folder" where your kitten's shots, worming, vet visits, etc. have

been recorded since birth... (This is a neat folder that you can continue using and referring to as needed). 


**   For Your peace-of-mind A Veterinarian's Health Certificate can be included ... (At Cost)


**  Under No circumstances will we allow a kitten leave for Your home before the age of 12 to 16 weeks... 

(They absolutely NEED this time to be properly weaned...!!!  Have the proper vaccinations and

other health procedures taken care of...!!!  To Strengthen their immune system... 

And to become socialized to the world they have been born into...!!!  Etc.)...


**  Don't Worry...  They will STILL  be little kittens that you will be able to help grow

into enjoyable members of your family...


**  You also get us...  Our Ongoing help, advice and assistance...  You and Your New Baby are extremely important to us... 


We not only work with you Before you take your little baby home, but are also there for You

with any and all support or advice required After You are adopted by one of our kittens...


We will always be available to you...  This relationship could save you a lot in vet bills,

sick cat/kitten(s), and maybe even your cat/kitten(s) LIFE...!!!  






Although we prefer you to come to our homes in either Arkansas or Michigan to pick up your Sphynx

Kitten or Cat, however, we do ship by Air to most destinations in the U.S.A and Canada

(We have even shipped overseas)


 The cost of this shipping is paid by the purchaser, and the airlines currently run at least $200.00. 

However, this cost is constantly changing and will be determined at the time of shipping.



** The airlines will NOT ALLOW kittens/cats to be shipped whenever the temperature at any terminal where the kitten's plane will be on the ground "is at or below 40 degrees or at or above 80 degrees..." 


**  This means there are times when we (You & Us) are "FORCED" by the regulations to WAIT until the weather cooperates... 


*** A "Possible" Delivery Alternative For You To Consider:***

The following option is certainly not for everyone...!!! 


* We are willing to make arrangements to have your New Baby hand delivered to you by us...

* We can only provide this service within a 250 mile radius of our home(s)...


*  So if you  live within 250 miles or less from either of us (or if you can drive to within 250 miles or less fromus us),

we can drive up to 250 miles to place your new Sphynx Kitten safe and sound right into your arms...


* However, we cannot perform this service for free...


* The cost will be $1.00 per mile one way...  EXAMPLE: (If we drive 165 one way from our

home(s) to make the delivery to you, your TOTAL cost would be $165)


*    I would think this would work best economically for someone who lives over 400 miles

from us, and who is willing and able to drive to somewhere within our 250 mile limit...


* This may not save you money, but it could alleviate a potential long wait for the weather to to meet the

airline's standards before you could be enjoying the company of your new little buddy in your home...


* And would probably save the expense and inconvience of an overnight stay for you or us that a

longer drive could entail)...


We sure do appreciate Your interest in our Sphynx… And hope You are having a Great time

during Your visit with us...!!! 


Below You’ll find even more information and several more pictures with a brief description of some of our past Sphynx Kittens…   







We feel the Sphynx Cat is one of the most beautiful and desirable creatures on Earth…


And we wish that every home and family could experience the unique loving nature

of these “Naked Little Babies”… 




We care very deeply about where and how our babies spend the rest of their lives…


It is extremely important to us that our kittens go to a very loving and life-long home where

they will receive the very best of care and love for the rest of their life.


If you feel you are one of those folks, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist You

in making a decision regarding the Sphynx Breed… 

So, why not take a few minutes to email us at: 


We can chat awhile and You can get to know us a bit better

before you make your choice… 






I don't want to sound like I'm preaching to you or anyone else, but I would not be

doing my duty to you, or the cats and kittens if I didn't at least attempt to

enlighten you about a real serious problem when it comes to buying and

selling cats and/or kittens...

*  Simply put it is:

"The selling of kittens long before they are truely ready

to go to a new home"...!!!


*  I've seen kittens being advertised, sold and allowed to go to a new home as young as 6, 8 and 10 weeks... 


*  Well, it could cost the kitten it's HEALTH or even it's LIFE...!!!

*  And It could Cost You A Whole Lot Of MONEY In Vet Bills And Medications...!!!

*  It could also cost you ALL YOU PAID for a kitten that sadly was unable to make it...!!! 



When you buy a purebred kitten it's not the same as getting a barn cat: 

*  Barn cats have generations behind them where "Only The Strong Survive"...!!! 

This has resulted in very Strong cats and kittens with Super Immune systems...!!!


Purebreds are Different:  

*  The more we breeders work at breeding in the characteristics that make the breeds unique

and desirable to you and I, the more the immune system of that breed is compromised...!!!



*  Kittens that "REQUIRE" more time to reach the stage where it is SAFE for them

to go to their New Home with You...!!!


*  Therefore you should NEVER take a kitten home with you before it has

at LEAST reached the age of 12 to 16 weeks...!!!


*  And No RESPONSIBLE Breeder that we know of Will Ever ALLOW A Kitten

TO Leave Before It Is At LEAST 12 Weeks Of Age...!!! 




*  There are a lot of reputable and responsible breeders who are doing great jobs

as breeders of the many purebred breeds... It is my hope that you will seek out and deal with

one of them that suits YOU...!!!  As always... The choice is yours...!!! 


*  You are the buyer... It's your money... And... The kitten will be Yours...!!! 

Whatever you decide, please do whatever is best for your new kitten...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One more bit that might come in handy:  Make Sure It's A TRUE  Purebred BEFORE

you part with your MONEY... 


*  In the Sphynx breed it is NOT a true Sphynx until their pedigree shows

at least three generations with NO other breeds in their background...!!!


Don't get ripped off...  Do a Lot of Checking...  And... Ask Lots of QUESTIONS...!!! 



Remember To Check Back Often

We attempt to get pictures out here as soon as kittens are available and

before all the kittens are spoken for ...

Contact Info:


Gene Spidell - 1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan, 49073

Email: WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com 

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, or
request more info you may need at any time...!!!

We Thank You and Appreciate You Stopping By...




There Are More Kittens Pictured Below That Were Born In Either 2008, 2009

0r 2010 & Have All Been Placed In Life-Long Loving Homes...


Below is a beautiful completely Blue Boy Born In The Spring Of 2010... 

He has an extremely Friendly and Playful  personality with energy to burn... 

And you can bet he will be warming your bed and purring you to sleep nightly...  

He is located in Michigan and is ready to become a loving and treasured member of

your family anytime now...


 If you love playfulness and cuddling you've found it...!!!

He's quite the entertainer and his antics are meant to draw your attention and praise...!!!

Here is his picture:

  Ohh...  Did I mention he's "Spoiled"...  ;-D

He's Now Living A Life Of Luxery With His Brand New Family



Below are pictures and descriptions of the kittens born to us in 2009... 

Each is now living a great life with their fantastic new family :

Below We Have A Completely Blue Girl (except for some white on her

front toes and back feet, and a spot under her chin)... 

She was Born In July...  So she won't be ready to leave here until

about the last part of October... 

She's a doll and has an outstanding personality...!!!

Sorry Folks, As Of September 14th This Little Sweety Below Has Been

Spoken For And Will Be Heading To Her New

Life Long Home & Family In A Few Weeks...!!!


#2. Below we have an especially neat and sweet little fella... 

He was Also Born In July - And is the brother of the girl #2 above...

This bright eyed little guy is an exceptionally handsome BlueTabby

with white on his feet and under his chin... 

He has an extremely Friendly and Playful  personality with energy to burn... 

And you can bet he will be warming your bed and purring you to sleep nightly...  

He could be ready to become a loving and treasured member of your

family sometime in October...

By the way, I think he's part retriever...  I throw wadded up printer paper

and he runs and brings it back to me so I will throw it again...   

What a cool little character...!!!

This Little Guy Is Also Now In His Brand New Home In The Battle Creek, Michigan Area...  

With A Fantastic Family And A Dog To Pal Around With...

I Have Word That He Is Now King Of The House And Being Loved And Spoiled More Than

 Even He Ever Thought Possible...!!!


* #3. Here's A Beautiful Completely Blue Boy...  Born In June ...  

This little fella is a real Eye-Catcher and possesses an outstanding personality...  

This Stunning little guy could be ready to leave sometime in September... 

If you're looking for a buddy, you've just found him... As Loving and Friendly as they come...!!! 

As Of October 6th, 2009 This Stunning Little Fella Has Gone To Live In

His New Home & Proud Family In Texas...!!!



* #4. Below is a awesomely striking completely Black Boy...  Also born In June...

With this youngster you get a combination of outstanding Exotic features and personality to spare... 

A really FUN and Loving little tyke...!!!  He's a Beauty...!!!  And a great Bed Warmer...!!!
He Could also be ready for your home sometime this September... 

As Of September 16th This Happy Little Tyke Below Has Gone To His

Brand New Home & Family In Arkansas...!!!



* #5.  The Girl below was also born In June and is the sister of the two boys above...

She's a beauty and a little lover and will steal your heart the minute she arrives... 

As Of October 5th, 2009 This Beautiful Little Girl Below Has

Gone To Her New Home & Loving Family In Iowa...!!!





* #6. & #7.  TheseTwo super sweet little Blue With White Brothers BELOW

were born in July...

(Each has white paws and some white under the chin and on the tummy,

and one has a white muzzle)...

   They Have incredibly loving personalities,  and could be ready

to go sometime in October...!!! 

As you can see, they are both Extraordinarily Cute little babies...

If you love playfulness and cuddling you've found it...!!! 

You'll absolutely treasure either (or both) as new addition(s)

to your home and family...!!!

Both of these little characters below have been spoken for... 

One is going to a great home Oklahoma, and the other is headed

to his life-long family

in Michigan...!!! 





"ALL" The 2008 kittens below have all found new life-long loving families


The lovely little wonder above is a black and white with tabby markings...  

(I think she is a mackeral  tabby)  

              You'll love it when she climbs onto your lap to be cuddled and

warms your bed at night... 

She'll melt your heart with her Incredibly warm and tender personality...!!! 



The Blue and White baby above is a sister of the others shown here,

and is the smallest of  the group.... 

Now she may be TINY but she is also MIGHTY... 

Mighty Friendly...!  Mighty Cute...! Mighty Sweet....!

And she can Purr with the best of them... 

Pick her up and you'll know instantly that she is your very own

"Little Miss Purrfect"



         The little Doll below is a real beauty... 

She too loves being held and has a personality that simply can't be beat...!!!    

She will not only be the Queen of your home but also your Heart...!!!        

Isn't That A Sweet Pose

The three beautiful little "Ladies" in the above pictures were born 

April 23rd, 2008,

which places their date for leaving their home with us to their home with


at sometime in late August 2008...




Above are two Beautiful Blue Sphynx Kittens Who Are Now 
Gracing The Homes Of 
Their Brand New Life-Long Families...!!!
Well, I sure hope you enjoyed seeing some of our past kittens... 

You now have an idea of the type and quality of our Sphynx Kittens...

So Continue Checking Back Whenever You Have A Few Minutes...

THANK YOU For Visiting Intrigue Sphynx Cattery’s



Contact us:


Gene Spidell - 1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan, 49073

Email: WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com  


 "Proud Sphynx Cat & Sphynx Kitten Breeders For More Then 17 Years" 





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