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Proud Sphynx Breeders For Over 17 Years

Our Sphynx Kittens Are Now Available in Both


Michigan and Arkansas


(ATTENTION:  Due to health issues and other obligations...  As Of May 2011:

We will not be breeding or selling kittens from our Arkansas cattery until further notice...

HOWEVER, As Always...

We will continue to serve you from our Sphynx Cattery in Michigan)



Gene Spidell

1100 Woodland Road   -   Nashville, Michigan   49073



Email:   WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com 



"The Sweetest Part of each day . . ."    

       Placed with Care, in Homes prepared to Love & Shelter

"For A Lifetime ---"


    Our Sphynx kittens are raised in our home with all the attention, love and affection that a little baby needs... When they leave our home for yours they are prepared to be an integral and much loved part of your life.

 "We spend time with our kittens from the moment they are born."

 They are well socialized to a family environment. They are loved and played with by us, kids and grandkids so they will adapt to whatever family members they might live with in your home.

****************** ****************

#  "Please Remember" ---  "Your Home Is Brand New To Them..." 

*  Remember that they are little Sphynx babies who have just made a long trip, and a transition from the only family they have ever known, to be with you...

* They will need a couple of days of "Quiet-Timeto acclimate themselves to their new home.

*  We suggest that you start them in a secure room, with food, water, a new litter box, a scratching post, a few toys, their bed, & "YOU" of course.

*   Allow them to meet the other family members, a few at a time, in a calm, non-threatening manner.

*  Before introducing other household pets, allow your new baby to get to know and trust you, and to let your other pets discover that they too are still loved and cherished. 

*  Tempting though it may be, it can be a big mistake to rush this process...!!!

*  Allow your current pets plenty of time for sniffing under the door to the new pet's room. Try switching rooms for awhile, letting your new kitten explore your home while your current pet spends some time checking out the room where your new kitten has spent time.

*  You can even switch food and water dishes so they get used to each others smells, etc. 

*  Later let them check out each other through a screen door or sliding glass door... If this goes well, carry your new kitten around with you in the same room with your current pet, then reverse roles carrying your current pet.

*  Let them sniff each other while holding one or both...  And Finally... When you feel comfortable, let them both free to get to know one another.

***  All this effort can prevent an unpleasant reaction that could be physically and/or emotionally hard to recover from.

 ***  If you will allow your new Sphynx kitten this introductory period we feel that they will more easily adapt to many years of family life with you.


    " No Table Scraps Please...!!!"  #

Terrible for the kitten's health, Plus there are many seemingly innocent foods that are "Poisonious To Cats"...  (Examples:  chocolate, onions, etc. etc)

We ask that you provide your kitten with the cat food that they have always been provided...

Your Sphynx has always been "Free Fed" dry cat food with occasional canned soft food as a treat...   Making any quick changes in you baby's diet could result in sickness and/or malnutrition.

 If you must switch your kitten to a different food we ask that you "Do It Slowly", by mixing their current brand with the new a little at a time, until the switch is made.



By the way, many household plants are also poisonious to your new baby...!!!

(Check Yours Out With Your Vet).

Also, take a few minutes to check out our "Cat Poisons & Hazards " page listed on the left side of this page...  It is loaded with helpful  information that could save the life of a cherished pet...

It is surprising how many household items can pose a great and costly danger!!!


"Litter Boxes:"  #

  Your kitten is also accustomed to having several litter boxes throughout the house.

 Please provide for your baby's needs with boxes placed in inconspicuous places, "Always Keeping The Litter Scooped" to allow for your kitten's comfort and odor control for you.

 We use a clumping litter available throughout the United States.


 "Scratching:"  #

    **  In addition your Sphynx kitten will need places where it is allowed to "scratch". Scratching is natural to a cat and  "They Are Going To Do It..."

 ** "If you do not provide them with an appropriate place to work their claws & stretch their muscles, they will choose a place for themselves."

**  Unfortunately they may choose an inapropriate object if you have not provided  posts for them.  

 ** It is best to be prepared & have their scratching places chosen "BEFORE" they are taken to your home, thus preventing bad habits before they start.


"Contract:"  #  

 We require a contract, both for your protection & the kitten's.

 The contract is specific in what is required of you, and in what you can expect of your kitten and from us... 

"Please Read It In Its ENTIRETY, And Refer To It OFTEN"

 We will not sell a kitten without a signed contract under any circumstances.



Although Sphynx are hairless they will not require the same grooming as their furred cousins, however, they do have a few that are unique to the Sphynx breed...  These involve skin, ear and eye care.

All cats secrete oils that keep their coats healthy... The Sphynx is no different, except they have no coat to absorb these oils. 

Therefore, most sphynx kittens and cats will require a bathing schedule to keep these oils from building up to the point it may cause stains when held against light colored clothing or bedding.



Generally weekly, but we have found this schedule o be different for different cats... We've even had a few that only required a bath every month or two.  We use a hypoallergenic baby shampoo to bathe them.  Bath time will take about 10 minutes.

During the bath check their nail sheaths... They can get a dark build up that can be rubbed off with a wet washcloth. Baby oil can also be used to help in the removal of this build up.



Since they have no guard hairs in their ears, wax may build up over time. You simply use a Q-tip to clean their ears. Usually about once each week and it should be done with an ear cleaner, preferably antimicrobial.  This is quite easy and will probably take less than five minutes



Because they lack eyelashes to protect their eyes from dust (litter dust) and other irritants, their eyes should be wiped at least once daily (more if needed). This takes just a few seconds.


Like any cat or pet keep their bedding clean, their nails clipped and have them Vet checked regularly (be sure to keep their teeth clean and healthy).


They’re beginning to sound more & more like kids aren’t they ?   ;-)

You now have awesome happy, healthy, clean little friend that feels just like a babies bottom. (A little warmer though, because they have a higher metabolism than their furred cousins - This is natures way of making up for the lack of a coat.)



By the way…  Don’t let anyone tell you that Sphynx cats are hypoallergenic 

 Most of us believe that when people experience allergy symptoms when around cats it is because of the cats fur…   BUT…  

 The true cause of most of those allergy symptoms is because the person is allergic to the proteins in the saliva that comes from the cat/kitten grooming itself.

 Sphynx cats and kittens, like all other cats and kittens, groom themselves in the same manner.  Therefore, a person with allgeries to furred cats can have symptoms when exposed to a Sphynx cat or kitten.

 That is the scientific explanation.


 A little Good News:

 We've invited mamy many folks who were  allergic to furred cats visit our cattery and intercat with the kittens to see if they were affected…  Most everyone of them was able to tolerate their visit and the handling of our “Naked Little Babies”

 From that experience many have gone on to purchase a Sphynx kitten to share their homes and lives…  And have lived happily ever after  ;-)

HAPPY DAYS...!!!!!!!!!! 

Here's to many happy days, weeks, months and years together with your brand new

"Naked Little Sphynx Baby" !!!


Intrigue Sphynx Cattery


1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan  49073   

Email:   WeWorksmarter@Gmail.com

Gene Spidell  

Proud Sphynx Breeders For Over 17 Years




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