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The Following Poem Is One Of The Most Touching and  Heartwarming Cat Poems I’ve Ever Experienced…

This Poem Also Expresses Exactly How I Feel...  How My Babies Feel…

And How I Expect ANY Adopters Of ANY Of Our  Sphynx Cats or Kittens To Feel”…!!!


I AM YOUR CAT    by Donna Norris for Lelani


 Do not think of me as an object to bring you fame in the show ring.

My most prized trophy is a gentle touch from you.


 Do not expect from me a new family of babies every four months.

I love my little ones and want them with me so I may teach them and

play with them for many months as a good mother should.

 Do not keep me confined in a cage, I am a free spirit,

let me live with you in your home!


 Do not think of me as unknowing, uncaring or an independent being,  

for I need you.


 Accept me as I am, care for me and be my friend,

and I will give to you in return:

A soft touch of my paw on your cheek when you are troubled;

A companion when you are lonely;

A clown when you are depressed;

A trusting, loving purring, being,

content to share your happiness and your sorrow.


 Let me be with you in our small part of this world,

for He has created you and me.

Do not think of me as a simple creature, for I can see angels you cannot see.

I can feel the vibrations and wonders of the universe you cannot feel.

I can communicate with you, if you will learn my language...

I understand yours.


 And when the time comes and I will have to leave you,

remember I will always be with you,

for our spirits are one.


 Love me! Cherish me! Care for me!

 I Am Your Cat!

Intrigue Sphynx Cattery


1100 Woodland Road - Nashville, Michigan  49073  -  

Email:  WeWorkSmarter@Gmail.com  

Carylen & Gene Spidell    




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